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Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or One time



Hand waxing, Compound waxing.


  • Bottom Cleaning

  • Bottom Painting

  • Canvas Cleaning

  • Car Detailing

  • Carpet Cleaning/Shampoo

  • Compounding

  • Deck Waxing

  • Diesel Engine Repair

  • Dive Service

  • Electrical Repair/Troubleshooting

  • Electronics Installation/Troubleshooting

  • Engine Tune Ups

  • Flexi Teak Installation

  • Food Service

  • Fueling

  • Gel Coat

  • Interior Cleaning

  • Isinglass Treatment/Cleaning

  • Metal Polishing/Metal Rejuvenation

  • Mobile Trailer Repair

  • New and existing Led Light Installation

  • Oil Changes

  • Pin-Striping Replacement or Removal

  • RV Cleaning

  • RV Detailing

  • Shrink Wrapping

  • Teak Cleaning/Varnish Work

  • Trailer Repair

  • Truck Detailing

  • Vinyl Cleaning/Sealing

  • Wake Board Tower Installation

  • Washing

  • Waxing

  • Wet Sanding

  • Winterizing

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